4 Things Your Kitchen Needs for YOU to Lose Weight

Welcome to the year 2020!  If you are looking to revamp your life by improving your nutrition, here are four things you need in your kitchen to help you reach your goals.

#1 Instant Pot

We know the thought of spending your Sunday afternoon to prepare meals for your week can be daunting.  But after years of practice, we know a few tools can cut our meal prep time in half.  The first item on our list is the Instant Pot.  Think of a crockpot on steroids.  In a crockpot, you can roast a whole chicken with carrots, corn, potatoes overnight.  In an Instant Pot, your entire meal is done in less than 60 min.  Stews, roasted meats, and oatmeal can all be prepared by this single kitchen utensil.

#2 Muffin Tin

If your goal is to lose weight, then limiting portion sizes becomes priority #1.  You can make delicious meals that are all made in a 3-oz portion just by baking your food in muffin tins.  One of our favorites is to scramble eggs with meat and vegetables in a mixing bowl, and then pour the mixture about halfway up the tin cup.  Fill the remaining tins, bake for 12-15 minutes, and then transfer your egg muffins to a bowl for storing in the refrigerator.

#3 Scale

Speaking of portion control, most of us don’t realize how much food we eat.  Here’s a trick, especially with the food we know is unhealthy: never eat out of a bag.  Chips are a great example.  Use a scale the next time you eat your favorite BBQ (or Ranch or tortilla) chips.  Eat only one serving at a time by weighing 30 grams of chips into a bowl.  If you want more, go for it!  But at least you will know how many servings you are eating.

#4 3-Compartment Containers

After you have prepared your food, take a few extra minutes to portion it out into 3-compartment containers.  This way, your meals will be grab-and-go and ready for you in the morning on your way out the door.  (The veggies go in the “big” compartment!)  How often have you had great intentions buying food, maybe even cooking it and forgetting about it or letting it go to waste?  We have ALL been there.  The 3-compartment container will help.

Take action…

If you don’t yet have any of these tools, try starting with just one.  See how it goes.  If you don’t want to cook or lack the time, try a meal prep service.  Front Door Gourmet is a remarkable service.  You can place your order online and pick up your food for the week at CrossFit Fulshear conveniently located in downtown Fulshear.  Learn more at https://frontdoorgourmetcatering.com/

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