A Father-Daughter Duo


A Father-Daughter Duo

Two active people in our community are the father-daughter duo, Harold Frauli and Amy Hall.  Harold and his wife, Linda, moved into Weston Lakes in 2006 after living most of their lives in Western Kansas where Amy was born and raised.  The Frauli’s moved down to Texas as part of his oil & gas career on a ‘temporary’ assignment that turned out to be not so temporary.  Meanwhile, Amy and her husband raised their family, including three sons, in Minnesota.  The Hall’s moved to Weston Lakes last year to help take care of Amy’s mom.

Harold has almost always lived an active life and taught his daughter to live the same way.  According to Amy, “Whether it is skiing, racquetball, card games, or board games, my dad has always been my gold standard, my one to beat.”  Today, Harold spends his time taking care of his wife, playing golf, and doing CrossFit.  “Living a healthy life means continuing to pass my annual physicals and maintaining a healthy blood pressure without taking medications,” says Harold.

When it comes to maintaining motivation to exercise and eat well, Harold and Amy have put systems in place that keep them accountable.  Willpower does not exist; instead, we need reliable support systems.  Harold and Amy have each other, but they also have coaches and other CrossFit members that expect to see them in class.  It can be very motivating not wanting to let other people down.

Harold enjoys training at CrossFit Fulshear because of the variety in exercises, the small classes similar to having a personal trainer, and the education he receives from the coaches who are consistently teaching about moving well.

Amy enjoys CrossFit Fulshear because the coaches and culture are amazing, “The coaches make working out fun, plus they make sure I am doing it right to help me reach my goals and keep me injury free.”

This father-daughter team loves doing things together.  As Amy says, “I love working out at CrossFit Fulshear with my dad.  I grew up participating in many different activities with him.  We get to continue that tradition at CrossFit.  We keep each other accountable while trying to out-lift or out-rep each other.”

Harold has been blessed by God with his good health and believes he should not take it for granted.  Amy takes care of herself through fitness so that she can live the best life possible.  She never wants to miss opportunities or adventures because of physical limitations.  She also strives to be a role model for her children and my granddaughter.