Can I do CrossFit even if I am injured?

“Can I do CrossFit even if I am injured?” One of the common questions that we’ve gotten recently in particular has been, “Hey, I’m hurt. Should I still come and work out?” As you know, we have a wonderful, lovely athlete who broke her foot while surfing in Costa Rica, so she’s now in a ...

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Why should you start a nutrition challenge?

Why should you do a nutrition challenge? Click the video above to watch on YouTube or continue reading… Three reasons. Our brains love to have a starting point and a stopping point. With a nutrition challenge, we have a firm date that we’re definitely going to start and there’ll be a set end date. It’s ...

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Body “Neutral” vs. Body “Positive”

“Body Positivity” has taken on a life of its own ever since Instagram became a staple of our daily lives.  The idea — that you should feel good about yourself and love your body no matter your size — has great intentions.  YOU ARE MORE THAN YOUR LOOKS!  You are *NOT DEFINED* by the way ...

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As seen on KPRC Channel 2 NBC!

Perfecting the plank!

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