Can I do CrossFit even if I am injured?

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“Can I do CrossFit even if I am injured?”

One of the common questions that we’ve gotten recently in particular has been, “Hey, I’m hurt. Should I still come and work out?” As you know, we have a wonderful, lovely athlete who broke her foot while surfing in Costa Rica, so she’s now in a boot. What can she do, especially on a day like today which is deadlift day? The class is going to start with a run, deadlift, kettlebell swings, goblet squats, not really good for someone with a broken foot. So should she even bother coming?

Yes! Come and here’s why. We are not a normal gym. You pay us for results. We deliver results through coaching. The reason why you’re here, one of the benefits that you get by being here, is that when you’re hurt, or when you’re sick, or when something is not working the way it usually does, you can still come, you can still get a phenomenal workout and we can still help you reach your goals. That’s what we provide.

When it comes to the question of, “Can I do CrossFit even if I am injured,” please come! Example today, instead of deadlift, she worked on pull-ups. Do you want to get better at pull-ups? Having a lower body injury can be a fantastic excuse to work on pull-ups. We worked on pull-ups. We worked on strict shoulder press with dumbbells seated on a box, and then we had a workout where she did 10 calories on an air bike, 10 ring rows, and then 10 strict shoulder press, as many rounds as possible for 10 minutes. It was very similar to the workout that was prescribed for the normal classes.

Did she get a workout in? Absolutely. Did she get closer to her goals? Absolutely. And she got better at pull-ups, so even if you’re hurt, please come. We want to see you. We want to help you get better.

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