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Owner / Level 1 CrossFit Instructor / BrandX Kids Coach


Bryan White is the owner of CrossFit Fulshear. He is a Level 1 CrossFit instructor and BrandX Kids coach. Bryan began coaching because he believes CrossFit can transform people by helping them live longer and more active lives. His goal is to educate, entertain, and inspire each athlete into taking ownership for improving his or her fitness.

Bryan believes the most sustainable transformations are developed through intimate, meaningful, and personal relationships between athlete and coach, especially when both parties are focused on getting better every day… one step at a time.

Bryan enjoyed thirteen years in corporate America in various roles, including research & development, finance, and sales, before becoming a CrossFit coach. He has been married for twenty years and has two wonderful daughters, who are active in competitive swimming and cheerleading.

Bryan also serves the community as a board member for Katy Aquatics and deacon with Kingsland Baptist Church.

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