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Viridiana Carrion, Coach Vi, is a CrossFit Level 1 coach, who is also trained in CrossFit Gymnastics and Power Money Fitness. She was born and raised in Mexico and has a degree in Mechatronics Engineering. After experiencing a life-changing car accident that put her own fitness goals on hold, she realized all she really wanted to do was be at the box helping people pursue their dreams.

Vi’s goal is to be the best possible adult functional gymnastics coach she can be and help people find a different way to know their bodies through the understanding and application of CrossFit & gymnastics, while having fun with it.

Vi is loud, passionate and enjoys constantly learning… from coaches… from athletes… from life itself! She believes if you want something with your heart and gut and are willing to work for it, you can excel at anything!

Vi is also a huge Halloween fanatic. Every year, her house transforms into an always-growing Halloween exhibit that culminates with a costume Halloween party. You can expect an invitation when you join the box!!! Wink wink!


  • CrossFit Level 1 Coach
  • CrossFit Gymnastics

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