Eating lean protein at every meal is essential to developing a healthy body. Great options include filet mignon, chicken breasts, and fish. Common questions I hear are, “Why is protein important?” and “How much protein should I eat?”

Imagine that your body is a house, and your muscles are the exterior walls made of bricks.  Those bricks are amino acids, which only comefrom protein.  As we move through the day in our normal lives, but especiallyas we stress our muscles through exercise, our muscles break down.  For our muscles to rebuild, which makes them stronger, they need to rebuild with amino acids.  While our bodies can produce eleven amino acids, nine of the twenty amino acids are essential amino acids (EAAs).  EAAs must come from diet or supplementation since the body can’t make them.

When we well-balanced meals that include lean protein, healthy fats, vegetables, and fruit, we may notice we feel more satisfied with our meals.  We also notice that we have more energy, our moods are more positive, and we sleep better.

Our goal is to eat lean protein at every meal at least three times a day.  Calorie-counting may be a popular option for people these days, especially with all the apps available to track our food intake.  But it doesn’t have to be that complicated.  We like to use our hands to help us gauge how much food we are eating. 

A serving of protein = 1 palm

A serving of vegetables = 1 fist

A serving of carbs = 1 cupped hand

A serving of healthy fats = 1 thumb

Most men should aim to eat two of the “hand servings” of protein, vegetables, carbs, and healthy fats, at every meal. Most women should aim to eat one “hand servings.”

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