What is SweatX?

SweatX is a fat-burning, interval training class built for people of all abilities. It’s a training technique gets (and keeps!) your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. SweatX increases your metabolism, build muscle faster, and keeps you burning fat even after you’ve left the gym. The workout is quick and convenient… done in 45 minutes or less! Who can’t spare that?

Class Schedule

Classes are 45 min long

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7:45 AM
7:45 AM


  • SweatX
    7:45 AM - 8:30 AM


  • SweatX
    7:45 AM - 8:30 AM
No events available!

What makes SweatX unique?

We believe the building the right environment that motivates you toward your goals is how you will become the best version of yourself possible. Without this motivation, everyone’s “willpower” will fade… What started with excitement will sink into a short-term fad instead of the long-term change we need.

You will get experienced, knowledgeable, and motivating coaches who lead with energy, encouragement, and excitement. You will be held accountable in every single workout.

SweatX is a coach-led program with strength training, plyometrics, core strengthening, and most importantly… FUN!!! All without a barbell.

Our SweatX Founder’s Club includes…
  • $99/month
  • Available to the first 15 members who join by September 2
  • Attend 8 classes per month
  • Free 30-min Personal Training session
  • Free 30-min Nutrition Consultation
  • Free InBody 270 Body Composition scan
  • Free t-shirt or tank top
  • Free car sticker 

Is SweatX for You?

(Hint: YES! SweatX Is for Everyone!)

Are you bored with your current routine or do you *NEED* to take steps to achieve your fitness goals? No matter your fitness level, this class will help you achieve your goals.

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