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Tennis Gal

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There are people in this world who are heroes.  Heroes demonstrate courage, practice self-discipline and selflessly serve others.  One such hero spent her career in the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, where she spent days and night-shifts serving her community.  Today, she is a retired citizen of Weston Lakes.

The life that Cindy Colluro lives today would not surprise anyone who knew her five years ago, while she was still in the workforce.  The same traits she demonstrated as a hero then, are still being seen today.  One option for retirement is to sleep in, enjoy a morning cup of coffee, read the paper, watch TV, go to bed, wake-up and repeat.  Then there is Cindy’s version of retirement.  A normal day often includes playing a tennis match in the morning, followed by cycling, and then finally a class at CrossFit Fulshear. 

Fitness is important to Cindy because it’s hard to miss the morbid obesity, the rise in childhood diabetes and people half her age that can barely get out of a chair.  Being unable to walk a mile, or ride several miles on a bike, or play a set of tennis, or continue her CrossFit journey, inspires Cindy to continue pushing her limits on what she can accomplish. 

In some respects, it’s difficult to adequately explain Cindy’s passions.  She does not just go on bike rides; Cindy rides across the entire country (You read that right… the entire country!).  She does not just play tennis; Cindy plays in two competitive tennis teams every week.  She does not just work out on occasion; Cindy set thirty-two Personal Records lifting weights in 2018.

Being active in all these areas not only keep her physically fit, but they keep her mind sharp.  She gives credit, especially to weight training, for keeping her a better, stronger version of herself ready to face all her life’s endeavors.  No matter the challenge, she has confidence knowing she is as prepared as she could be to face those obstacles.

Heroes need heroes, too.  Sometimes in a difficult CrossFit workout, Cindy needs inspiration to keep going.  In these moments, she thinks about the tenacity of Spanish tennis player, David Ferrer.  He was a perennial top-10 player for many years, difficult to defeat because he was always in the fight… never giving up.  Though he came up short, he was always a force to be reckoned with, making several appearances in a quarter-final and semi-final Grand Slam matches.  His drive, determination, and his tireless ability to cover the court were inspirational. 

One particular picture of Cindy does a good job of showing her heroic attributes.  She is performing a box jump, which is standard in CrossFit, but not so standard for Cindy.  A few years ago, she scraped her shin on a missed jump, which required thirteen stitches.  As you can imagine, jumping on a box came with new insecurities.  Even today – years later – the insecurity of “what if I miss again” creeps into her mind.  But she faces her obstacle, makes the jump, and overcomes her insecurities through courage and self-discipline.  It’s what heroes do.