The Top 4 Reasons your Nutrition Plan has Failed

You want to look better, sleep better, and feel better. You know that taking care of your nutrition is important. And you have tried. But it isn’t working… at least it doesn’t work for very long. Nothing you try seems to stick. AND YOU BLAME YOURSELF. You think that if you just had more willpower… if you just had more discipline… if you just cared more… you would be better.

Here’s the truth: It’s not your fault.

Read this again: IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

Our entire society is designed to make you gain weight, stay stressed and spend money.  But there is HOPE.  There are LOTS of nutrition plans that deliver results.  Getting the ‘right’ plan is *not* the issue.  Setting yourself up for success in the plan is the issue.

Here are the top 4 reasons why people fail in their nutrition plans.


The plan is not both ENJOYABLE and HEALTHY.  The first step in reaching your goals is developing a healthy relationship with food.  Eating needs to be enjoyed every time.  There will be some meals that are more enjoyable than others, but eating is not meant to be punishment.  Sometimes, in our desire to eat “healthy” we remove the things that make us want to eat… like flavor.  And sometimes in our desire to eat enjoyably, we add too much flavor.  Balance is the key, and this is when a nutrition coach can help.


Many people eat great during the week, but then ‘cheat’ on the weekends. If your weekend begins on Thursday night and ends on Monday morning, that’s no longer a treat, it’s a habit. Even if you only splurge on dessert and alcohol two days of the week, that’s 28 % (TWENTY-EIGHT !!!) percent of the week.


Wherever you are didn’t happen overnight; neither will the changes to your body that you’re working towards.  The body is a fickle machine and responds to changes in its environment in ways we don’t even realize in an attempt to keep the status quo.  If the status quo for you was carrying an extra 50+ pounds over the last few years; well despite what shows like “The Biggest Loser” want you to think, this stuff takes time.  And those variables mentioned earlier…those all play a role here.


Following a new plan, which lasts for a month and also includes ‘cheat’ days (see #2 above), is not a plan.  Taking all the gossip and quick fixes from Facebook, Instagram, and Yahoo! News is not going to get you the results you want.  Time and effort researching a nutrition plan are not nearly as important as implementing that plan.

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