Top 4 Resistance Exercises to Keep You Moving Well


Top 4 Resistance Exercises to Keep You Moving Well

Adding resistance exercises into your training is important for improving body composition, protecting joints, and building bone density.  This is true for all ages and genders.

Here are four (4) exercises you can do at home, which will help you build muscle and lose fat in your upper and lower body, as well as your core.

1.Goblet Squats.  Hold the kettlebell with both hands close to your chest.  Squat as low as you can. If you can’t squat low enough that the crease of your hip cannot go below your knee, then try sitting on a small chair, box, or ball.  Since the kettlebell is in front of your body, it’s a great core exercise due to the resistance of trunk flexion that is required.

2. Straight-leg Kettlebell Hand-switches. Hold the kettlebell at arm’s length in one hand.  Keep that same foot on the ground keeping that leg straight, but raise the other foot behind you.  This deadlift variation has all the benefits of a traditional deadlift; mainly improved core strength, lumbar erectors, hamstring and glute strength too. You will quickly notice improved balance and coordination.

3. Kettlebell swing.  The kettlebell swing is a great tool to build strength and endurance.  As opposed to running or cycling, for example, kettlebell swings build strength and endurance into the power generating muscular structures of the body, while also taxing the grip and teaching the body to absorb shock from outside forces.  When performed properly, it also teaches the hip hinge, which is essential for the health of the hips and lumbar spine.

4. Push-up.  When performed correctly, this is another total body exercise that will increase upper body and core strength. Working to keep the glutes and abs engaged throughout the movement will keep your body working, and your low back safe.  If the traditional push-up is too difficult now, you can perform them on an elevated surface (stair, box, etc.).