What are the Benefits of CrossFit Shoes?

There are very clear benefits of wearing shoes specific to CrossFit because we perform such a wide range of activities.  CrossFit workouts consist of everything from sprints to heavy weightlifting and rope climbing to box jumps. It’s clear that a running shoe, or cheap workout shoe won’t stand up to this kind of test. That’s why you should consider a specialized Cross Fit shoe.

Here are some specific reasons why you might consider CrossFit shoes instead of running or general training shoes:

  • Comfort
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Durability (especially with rope climbs & handstand push-ups)
  • Heel-to-toe drop
  • Ankle rolls
  • Balance
  • Shoe weight

Some great options to consider are Reeboks, Nikes, and NoBulls.  There are definitely other options available, but you should be able to find a pair of shoes that work for you among these three brands.

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