CrossFit Fulshear – CrossFit

– Metcon #1/#2: The purpose of today’s work is twofold: strength and grip
work with sled/farmer carry and assistance work with the man-maker and
TGUs. There is a big emphasis on core control and aerobic ability today as
well as your ability to sustain a decent level of output for all of the work.
Don’t underestimate today – you’ll likely be challenged more than you
think. By working with a partner you’ll have built-in rest which will allow
you to sustain your effort.


QOD: If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“Pet Rock Warm-up” Get into teams of 2 and complete a 400 meter run with 1 Heavy Kettlebell (pet rock.) The kettlebell is

not to touch the ground and can be passed back and forth between partners however they see fit.



– Man Makers

– Turkish Get-ups

– Sledpull Powerwalk or Sledpush


20 Minutes on the clock in teams of 2:

10 Minutes of Max Sets of Farmer Carry

10 Minutes of Max Sets of Sledpull Powerwalk or Sledpush

*One athlete completes a set of 20-30 seconds without stopping (150-200 ft.)

Farmer’s Carry

sled push


10 Minutes on the clock in teams of 2:

5 Minutes of Max DB Man Makers

5 Minutes of Max Turkish Get-up (client choice of weight)

*One athlete completes a 1 rep at a time alternating back and forth with their partner.

DB Man Makers

Turkish Get Up


5 Minutes of Worlds Greatest Stretch