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– Strength: Try to beat your previous max today by 5#’s (if you have one). Take your time and progressively build to a new 1RM.
– Metcon: Today’s workout is meant to be done at 90% effort. Shoot for big sets, but try to stay within sets that will allow for consistency. The loading should be light for you; a weight you can perform 5-7 reps per set with relative ease.


AMRAP 6 w. a barbell + Band

6 RDLs

6 Muscle Cleans

6 Thrusters

6 X-Band Walks Left + Right (6 each)

6 Banded Goodmornings


6 Minutes to Review Power Cleans on coaches call


1) Power Clean: 1RM. Rest 2:00

– Take 8-10 sets and build to a new 1RM.

– Beginner: Clean Grip Deadlift: Work up to a heavy set of 5. Rest 90s.

2) Power Clean + Thruster: Build to Metcon weight performing reps of 2 + 2. Rest 60s

Power Clean


Today’s Metcon is exactly like the name implies, a brutal burner. This is meant to be done at a high-effort, 90% where athletes are just shy of redlining and pushing their limits. Loading should allow for at least 5-7 reps per set. This is the type of workout that we’d rather have your athletes go lighter vs. heavier so if there is ANY doubt advise them to go lighter if there are any doubts, but this workout the thrusters should be slightly heavier ie. less than 10 reps per set. Your athletes should have a gameplan that will allow them to minimize excessive bouts of rest.

Barn Burner (Time)

“Barn Burner”

For time:

40 Power Cleans (115, 75)

30 Thrusters (115, 75)

L3: (95, 65)

L2: (75, 55)

L1: (75, 55 25 Reps of each)

10:00 Time Cap


Banded Russian Swings: 3 x 30 (light). Rest 60s.

*Squeeze glutes on each rep. Your athletes’ buns should be burning by rep 15.