CrossFit Fulshear – CrossFit

– Strength: Take 8-10 singles and build to a 1RM Bench press. Try to beat
your previous max by 5#’s and have a plan in place before starting for how
you’re going to beat your old number.
– Metcon: The purpose of today is to focus on quality of movement for each
interval. You should have at least 20s of rest after each set.


QOD: What do you look forward to most on Fridays?

2 Rounds of 20s Work/10s Rest of:

1a) Abmat Sit-ups

1b) Alt. Box Step-ups

1c) Banded Triceps Pushdowns

1d) Banded Pull-aparts

*Move through all 4 movements for a total 2 rounds each


Remaining time warm-up/review the Bench Press


Bench Press: 5-4-3-2-1+. Rest 2:00

– Build to a 1RM (1+ = 3-4 singles above 90%)

– Beginner: Bench Press: 5 x 5, adding weight if form permits.

Bench Press


EMOM 20:

Minute 1: 15 Hollow Rocks

Minute 2: 12 Ring Rows

Minute 3: 10 Box Jumps w. step down (24, 20)

Minute 4: 100 Ft. Bear Crawl

L2: (20, 15)

L1: (Abmat Sit-ups) (20, 15 Step-ups) (50 ft. Bear Crawl)


Rollback Triceps Extensions: 4 x 15. Rest 60s.

– same weight as last week.