CrossFit Fulshear – CrossFit

– Skill: You are going to spend some time today dialing in your Olympic
lifting technique with the clean and jerk. It may behoove you to practice
the squat clean. I’m not saying that we are doing a max next week but I’m
not saying that we’re not. You want to stay below 60% of your max for sets
of 2-3. Remember, today we are focusing on dialing in the details without
having to worry about the weight.
– Metcon: The metcon for today is pretty straight forward, put your head
down and work hard for 30 seconds. Effort should be 80-90% on these
depending on your ability to push yourself. All ten rounds do not need to
be done on the same machine.


QOD: Do you have a favorite summertime fruit?

Part 1:

“Movement Prep”

15 Cuban press w/ negative (2.5lbs)

10 Dynamic Lat Stretch each side

30 Thoracic Rotations (15 each)

With a partner:

Part 2:

“Junkyard Dog Warm-up”

Part 3:

“Burgener Warm-up with a PVC”

1. Down and up

2. Elbows high and outside

3. Muscle snatch

4. Snatch land

5. Snatch drop

6. Hang power snatch

*Go through 5 reps of each step and explain the significance of each.

Then grab a barbell and run through 3 reps of each on coaches call


15 Minutes of:

– Clean + Jerk

– Focus on technique performing sets 2-3 reps.

– Do not exceed 60% of 1RM

– Hint: we are performing a max squat clean on Monday.


10 Rounds of:

“Hard Effort Cardio” 30s on/60s off of:

Choose between – row, bike, or sprint

*Score = lowest distance rowed in your 30s interval.


single leg wall sit 2×30 sec per leg